Yohana Junker

On Art, Religion, and the Poetics of Resistance

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Thank You for Joining Us at the Opening Reception at SOMARTS!

As someone who was fundamentally shaped and inspired by the works of women like Marielle Franco, I am dedicated to developing communities that affirm activism, art, and imagination as tools that can transform our realities. And it is right here in this altar that memory, history, communities, our ancestors, and ourselves meet... sewn together as part of the same fabric that allows for human and divine flourishing in artistry and freedom. The transgressive, moving, subversive, and beautiful art present here at SOMarts create a language to speak of fractures, fissures, and wounds through a cultural vocabulary that invoke the dignity of our human irreducibility. May the memory of Marielle Franco summon from us a solemn presence that is able to feel the slits on our throats, the cracks in the grounds of our being, while also pushing us to move forward in solidarity, entanglement, hope, and capacious resistance. Sold out opening!!!!
Thank you coletivo desbordar for co-creating this with me!!! Thank you Gifford, Marisol Silva, Bárbara Dias for all your work and contributions. I am more because we are! I am because I create.